Band Services

Cree Nation of Eastmain

"Striving to effectively and efficiently provide the highest quality of services to our members"

Our vision statement sets the direction our organization is heading for the future while our mission statement explains why we exist as an organization. We define standards of behavior known as values to be followed and set goals to achieve success.
Our Vision
To be a self-sufficient Nation, proud of its heritage, that offers a friendly environment, good quality of life and a better place to live and grow for future generations.

Our Mission
Together we provide the highest quality services to our members so they may develop and prosper economically, socially, and culturally.
Each department has established their own vision and mission statements to support the global vision and mission of the CNE. We must ensure our values are propagated throughout the organization to make the mission a reality.
Top Management
Band Office
Finance & Administration
Band Garage
Capital & Public Works
Wellness Centre
Public Health
Public Safety
Community Services
Stajune Arena Complex
Culture & Recreation
Housing Administration
Community Housing

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