Capital & Public Works

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Public WorksPublic Works Services has been busy on re-structuring the whole department for about two to three years and we are almost all set. Though balanced efforts to maintain a cost effective operation and to provide these services in a responsible and efficient manner, the Public Works Department can now focus on providing the highest quality of services to the Cree Nation of Eastmain and the general public. To accomplish this we need to use the resources, technology, innovations, teamwork, and coordination with other service providers in the Community of Eastmain.

Public Works Services is made up in three sectors and divided into eight departments:

 - 1st Sector is the Infastructure which has four sub-departments that include;
    - Fleet Management
    - Waste Water and Water Treatment PlantPublic Works
    - Sanitation
    - Roadways & Walkways

 - 2nd Sector is the Inventory Management;
    - Inventory Department

 - 3rd Sector is the Building Maintenance;
    - Building Technicians
    - Building Maintenance
    - Janitorial
Band Garage Band Garage & Warehouse
Mewaben Road
Outskirts - South

Phone: 819-977-0296/0297
Fax: 819-977-0306
Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment Plant
Opinaca Road

Phone: 819-977-2024/2025
Fax: 819-977-2026

For any emergency on water leaks, sewage backup, or drainage problem or something else to do with the Public Works Services, please call 819-977-5424 or you can contact the Director of Capital & Public Works; Derek Moses at the Band Office during working hours at 819-977-0211 ext. 315 or 819-977-5177 and the right person in charge or team will be sent to fix the problem.


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