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AirportEastmain airport is under the Cree Nation of Eastmain Operation and Maintenance. The Cree Nation of Eastmain has a contract with Transport Canada for a period of three years. Presently, the current contract expires March 31, 2018 and will be negotiated for a new contract for the next three years. We have three employees working at the airport as maintenance/operators, etc... Capital projects remain under Transport Canada's responsibilities, as well as, training.

Eastmain CARS (Community Aerodome Radio Station) provides responses to aur navigation information services such as, aircraft calls, wind information, altimeter information, aircraft traffic, vehicle traffic information, weather, runway conditions, etc... Presently, there is one employee working full time and we have a back up observer-communicator working at the station. The only person(s) permitted to work in the CARS at the airport must have a valid license and must succeed the course in weather observations and also Radio communications in Forth Smith, N.W.T.

James Bay Eeyou Corporation/Eeyou Companee

The purpose of the James Bay Eeyou Corporation/Eeyou Companee is to carry out the function vested in it by the La Grande (1986) Agreement for the Social and Civic improvements of the Cree communities including Administration, Management, and disposition of the Mitigating Works (SOTRAC 1986) Fund (this fund is administered by the Cree Nation of Eastmain to deal with remedial measures for offset future unknown impacts of the La Grande 1975 Hydro Electric Complex), Cree Community Fund (this fund was established to provide long term benefits to the Cree communities), and the Cree Economic Assistance Fund.

NiskamoonNiskamoon Corporation
The purpose of the Niskamoon Corporation is to provide remedial works and enhancement measures to the Crees to continue a practice of the traditional activities on the traplines impacted by the hydro projects. Some of the services we provide is spring airlift, wood cutting, and harvesting fish during the summer.

Canada PostCanada Post
Canada post is working with the Cree Nation of Eastmain in order to provide a quality postal service in Eastmain. The postal office services such as, sale of postage stamps, pre-stamped envelops, trace mail products, processing mail in and out, sale of registered services, sale of special delivery, sale and cashing money orders.

Benefits and Financial Counseling
The purpose of the Benefits and Financial Counsellor is to provide the community members by assisting with their personal finances and budgeting, completing tax benefits in both federal and provincial tax. The other is to organize community workshops and seminars relating to financial management and provide assistance to community members requesting Old Age Security and allowances.

Economic Development
Economic Development is to provide programs and services to local band members that enhances and to promote economic development in our community. The main areas to focus including business development support, advisory service.

Community Services Director: RONNIE GILPIN
Phone: 819-977-0211 ext. 305 - Fax: 819-977-0281

Band Office
Our Staff...
Niskamoon; Gregory Mayappo ext. 307
Membership Clerk; Sandra Mayappo ext. 308
Benefits & Financial; Marcia Mayappo ext. 323
Economic Development; Kenneth Gilpin ext. 316

Other Community Services Facilities:
AirportAirport - Shabow Meskino - Soutwest Outskirts
Phone 819-977-0212 - Fax 819-977-0351

Canada PostPostal Services - 147 Shabow Meskino
Phone 819-977-0268 - Call for fax

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Photos: G. Legrady Photos of Eastmain 1973

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Eastmain Net-Zero Energy Project
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